Crookwood Level Selector Panel

6,20 € Brand: CrookwoodCrookwood


SessionRecall 1.1.5

Installing devices

Devices must be downloaded and installed directly from Session Recall. They will work in demo mode for a period of 15 days. We strongly recommend to try this device before you buy it, as we do not issue refunds for this kind of products.
To authorize this device, launch Session Recall and go to Devices - My Licenses.
Then Refresh the list, select a device, and do Install and Authorize, or Authorize if already installed.
If you purchased several licenses, use Install and Authorize All.

This version reproduces a few features of the original hardware.
- Opt A: allow to select and display inserts for path A.
- Opt B: allow to select and display inserts for path B.
- Bypass MS: set MS to OFF.
- Bypass EF: set Elliptical Filter to OFF.
- Link A atereo trim and AR trim.
- Copy inserts A to B.
- Clear inserts: reset buttons an clear display for path A or B.
- Editable labels.

This device can be tailored to your needs. Please contact us. Do not use this one if you need a custom version.

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All Session Recall devices were created with the agreement of the proprietary brands, but without any affiliation between Session Recall and the brands in question.