SPL Dual Band De-Esser - Twin Tube Processor

4,50 € Brand: SPLSPL


SessionRecall v1.14

Installing devices

Devices must be downloaded and installed directly from Session recall. They will work in demo mode for a period of 15 days. We strongly recommend to try this device before you buy it, as we do not issue refunds for this kind of products.
With your order confirmation you will receive a registration key. Copy this key and launch Session recall. Go to Devices and click the Add Key button. Paste your key and you're done.
Session recall's licenses are granted for their life time, but they are not transferable. This means that you will have access to all future updates of this device, but you are not allowed to resale or give away this product license.

Brand URL : https://spl.audio

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All Session Recall devices were created with the agreement of the proprietary brands, but without any affiliation between Session Recall and the brands in question.