SessionRecall 1.2.37

Release date: 23 January 2022

Important: If you are running a version of SessionRecall anterior to 1.1.5, we recommend to make a backup of your data (Documents/SessionRecall/) and then to install and try SessionRecall 1.1.562 before installing the latest release.

Minimum requirement: MacOS 10.10 to 12
Localization: english, french
Download for Mac
Minimum requirement: Windows 8 to 11
Localization: english, french
Download for Windows
Version changes:
  • New: add folders to the list of sessions.
  • New: audio files are now exported with presets.
  • New: import and export preset tags (See Preferences-General).
  • New: import and export presets as Pdf and Pictures.
  • New: the preset manager can be accessed directly from the Windows menu.
  • New: mono devices having 2 instances will support stereo link.
  • New: Archive into, and Unarchive into menus let you choose a destination folder.
  • New: Joystick and Pin matrix controls.
  • New: control highlight for faders, sliding switches, toggles switches, and rocker switches.
  • New: additional styles for the meter module: Hilo and Hedd.
  • Fixed: authorized devices remain in demo mode in the session editor.
  • Fixed: push-buttons do not react to fast successive clicks.
  • Fixed: rocker switches do not work when the session editor is zoomed.
  • Fixed: app localization issue in Switzerland, when german language is used.
  • Fixed: potential bug in session and track ordering if the list is sorted.
  • Fixed: push-buttons with a custom led switching sequence do not link properly.
  • Fixed: stickers were sometimes created at wrong position.
  • Fixed: tab key is now accepted in the NotePad.
  • Fixed: illuminated push-buttons are lite as soon as they are pushed.
  • Fixed: improved window resizing to avoid a bug occuring on very wide screens.
  • Fixed: displaying template previews in the device library was broken.
  • Fixed: linked faders are now perfectly synced.
  • Fixed: NotePad now has its own text field. There will be no difference between the edited and displayed text.
  • Fixed: device titles were not saved if empty.
  • Fixed: meter module crash when loaded into a session.
  • Fixed: creating a new session from a template can generate duplicated devices.
  • Changed: tabs in device title bars have been removed, except for old devices.
  • Changed: Auto-remove and Auto-archive are disabled in this version.
  • Changed: push-buttons are no longer darkened when clicked.
  • Changed: web connections are now handled by Curl, a more reliable multiplatform API.