SessionRecall 1.2.391

Release date: 16 June 2023

If anything goes wrong, quit SessionRecall and restore (or reinstall) the previous version of the app. Then restore the folder named SessionRecall in Documents.

Minimum requirement: MacOS 10.10 and higher
Localization: english, french
Download for Mac
Minimum requirement: Windows 8 and higher
Localization: english, french
Download for Windows
Version changes:
  • SessionRecall 1.2.391
  • Fixed : search field disapears when the window is resized verticaly.
  • Fixed : selecting installed, authorized or archived devices does nothing.
  • Fixed : download progression was not visible.
  • SessionRecall 1.2.39
  • New: templates can be added from the template browser to the session list by clicking them.
  • New: template browser auto-hide after a template is added.
  • New: reworked device library and License manager (do Refresh list to view changes).
  • New: reworked preset manager.
  • New: preset tags can be assigned to a device, a bank, or to all devices (global).
  • New: window resizing when a session is zoomed is now optional (Settings-Sessions).
  • Fixed: app localization issue for other languages than english or french.
  • Fixed (Windows): smoother animation of the template browser panel.
  • Fixed: improved behavior of the NotePad.
  • Fixed: icon centering issue with some UI controls.
  • Fixed: creating a new session generate a duplicate without title.
  • Fixed: device image was cropped when exporting a preset as Pdf.
  • Fixed: session's title field sometimes looses focus when edited, or after a new session is created.
  • Fixed: brand list now receives arrow keys.
  • Fixed: engaging device MS button do not disable StereoLink.
  • Fixed: the action of the contextual menu was not executed when clicking near or on a button.
  • Fixed: linked buttons do not trigger bypass actions on the second channel.
  • Fixed: adding a half-third-quater rack after a device with multiple instances can make it not visible.
  • Fixed: tracks can be moved again even when the list is sorted.
  • Fixed: bank tags and preset tags are now properly imported.
  • Fixed (Windows): the app cannot be launched more than one time.
  • Fixed: help tags do not appear when the command is disabled.
  • Fixed: shared setting do not appear in the option menu of the device.
  • Fixed: the New session command creates a new track instead of a new session when a track is selected.
  • Fixed: a bug that can cause device reordering to fail.
  • Fixed: the window is not resized when the number of slots is changed.
  • Fixed: changing the number of slots of a sessions is not saved in the session (depends on the value).
  • Changes: optimized device images for faster loading.
  • Changes: simplified folder structure for exported preset banks.
  • Changes: session's search field will now appear above the list.
  • Changes(Windows): help tags are now permanent.
  • Changes: self-masking scroll bars to save space (Settings-General).
  • Changes: removed unused icons and Localized strings.
  • Changes: improved drawing performances of controls, especially on big devices like consoles.