SessionRecall 1.1.543

Downloading and installing SessionRecall is free.
Once done you will have access to the entire library directly from SessionRecall. All devices will run in demo mode for a period of 15 days. They are fully functional, but after this period they will require a license key that can be purchased through the store.

Minimum requirement: MacOS 10.10 to 10.15
Localization: english, french
Download for Mac
Minimum requirement: Windows 7 to 10
Localization: english, french
Download for Windows
Version changes:
  • New: devices can be archived so that they no longer appear in the Add Device menus.
  • New: when device updates are available the app will show a button labelled Show update.
  • New: a search field has been added to the list of devices.
  • New: connector control for patchbays, point-to-point matrix, semi-modular synths...
  • New: ready for MacOS Catalina.
  • Fixed: when adding devices from a template to a session having some devices, the Add/Replace buttons of the dialog window were not working.
  • Fixed: dates in the session list were sometimes truncated in some countries.
  • Fixed: on Windows the shortcuts to create a track based on a template (Ctrl+Shift+Number) has been replaced with Ctrl+Alt+Number.
  • Fixed: on Windows the text size of stickers was bigger when edited.
  • Fixed: when a device is duplicated by drag n drop, its parameters are correctly cloned even if the session was still not saved.
  • 542 Fixed: archived devices are no more visible in the list of devices.
  • 543 Fixed: a potential crash right after downloading a device.
  • 543 Fixed: multiline stickers were not correctly centered.

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All Session Recall devices were created with the agreement of the proprietary brands, but without any affiliation between Session Recall and the brands in question.