DIY RE Colour 500-series Palette mkII

3,00 € Brand: DIY Recording EquipmentDIY Recording Equipment


SessionRecall v1.14

Change the color of leds

Because this device can be configured with different modules, you have the possibility to change the color of the leds according to your installed modules.

  • Open the device in a new session.
  • Right click (or ctrl+click) onto the button that is tied to the led. This will show you a contextual menu with a choice of colors.
  • Once done for all buttons, go to the option menu of the device (title bar), and choose "Save as default values".

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With your order confirmation you will receive a registration key. Copy this key and launch Session recall. Go to Devices and click the Add Key button. Paste your key and you're done.
Session recall's licenses are granted for their life time, but they are not transferable. This means that you will have access to all future updates of this device, but you are not allowed to resale or give away this product license.

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