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Downloading and installing SessionRecall is free.
Once done you will have access to the entire library directly from SessionRecall. Pay attention that all the devices will run in demo mode for a period of 15 days. They are fully functional, but after this period they will require a license key that can be purchased through the store.


version: 1.1.45
minimum requirement: MacOS 10.10 to 10.14
localization: english, french


version: 1.1.45
minimum requirement: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 9, 10
localization: english, french


v1.1.45 Changes

  • New: push button labels can now be edited and saved as default values. Use the contextual menu to edit them.
  • New: push button led color is also editable. Usefull for modular devices. Use the contextual menu to edit them.
  • New: 2 smaller sizes for stickers.
  • New: devices like consoles will be provided with default labels.
  • New: if the database is not found at startup (custom location) a dialog will allow you to relocate the file.
  • New: knobs, toggles, leds for incoming devices.
  • Fixed: newly added sessions did not match the ordering of the list when it is sorted.
  • Fixed: incorrect ordering for titles beginning with lowercase vs. uppercase.

v1.1.44 Changes

  • New: 2 new menus have been added to the option menu of the devices, Add device before, and Add device after.
  • New: the session editor does now respond to the following shortcuts: Arrow Up (scroll up), Arrow down (scroll down), cmd+Arrow Up (scroll to the top), cmd+Arrow down (scroll to the bottom). Home and End keys may be used too.
  • Fixed: search options were not correctly assigned at startup.
  • Fixed: passing from a text field to another one using the tab key did not validate the modified value.
  • Fixed: auto-updater preferences were not retained.
  • Fixed: the Hide disabled devices function was broken.
  • Changed: preferences are now saved on the device running SessionRecall to allow each device (computer, tablet...) to have its own preferences, even if the database is shared among several devices.
  • Changed: knob drawing functions have been reworked and optimized to ensure a better portability to other coding languages. Due to these changes many devices have been updated.
  • After you have launched the new version PLEASE CHECK IF YOU HAVE UPDATES FOR YOUR DEVICES.

v1.1.43 Changes

  • Improved visibility non-illuminated push buttons to better distinguish them when they are pushed.
  • Added: new knobs, toggles, and leds for incoming devices.
  • Optimized code for graphic functions.

v1.1.42 Changes

  • Added: two options to prevent accidental drag of the devices (See Preferences - Sessions).
  • Added: many new controls for incoming devices.
  • Fixed: an error when a rack was droped at the last position, right after modules.
  • Fixed: StereoLink 1/2 and 3/4 can't be selected separately on four channel devices with linkable channels.

v1.1.41 Changes

  • Fixed: a refresh problem when scrolling a session with 500 modules (Mac only).
  • Fixed: saving a session as template was changing a photo module into a Notepad module.
  • Fixed: device titles were not saved when a session was saved as template.
  • Fixed: scrollbars will remain visibles when scrolling even if the mouse is not over the knob.
  • Improved: the app will launch in fullscreen after it was closed in this mode.

v1.1.40 Changes

  • Fixed: improve window positionning and scale on a secondary screen.
  • Fixed: the last import path of the photo module was not stored.
  • Fixed: photos were not duplicated when a new version was created.

v1.1.30 Changes

  • Added: Add support for 200 and 80 modules.
  • Added: High precision potentiometers: you can now use the Alt key to divide the rotation by 4, or the Shift key to accelerate it by 4.
  • Added: comment visibility can be set per session, globally (prefs), or automatic depending of its content.
  • Added: illuminated buttons now have a surrounding glow.
  • Added: buttons for reordering a row of devices.
  • Improved: fullscreen mode on Mac and Windows.
  • Improved: scrolling devices is faster.
  • Improved: behavior of the main window when the session is zoomed in-out.
  • Improved: drag and drop reordering.
  • Improved: when Stereo link is engaged the values are copied in real time, so you can set channel one, unlink, and go to the channel two.
    Before values were not copied until you clicked a channel tab.
  • Improved: visibility of non-illuminated push buttons.
  • Changed: checkboxes have been replaced by buttons in the device title bars.
  • Fixed: database Commit error.
  • Fixed: return key was not allowed in the comment field.
  • Fixed: a serious bug that could prevent sub-session settings to be saved in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Ends with and Contains were inverted in the search criterias.

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